When running an e-commerce, the most important thing for sustaining business is realising online purchases. If you’re using WordPress platform for your online business, you should know that there are different ways ways for adding “Buy Now” button to your website available. Also, PayPal is the most reliable and popular way for money transactions worldwide. Here are some basic information about PayPal “BuyNow” button on WordPress:

How to set up PayPal “Buy Now” button?

After you decided where you want your “BuyNow” button to be, the procedure is simple:

  • login to your WordPress account;
  • go to Plugins and click on “Add new”;
  • when the PayPal sign up form appears, type your PayPal account information;
  • you’ll get a button and a shortcode which you can copy wherever you want.

As you can see, this procedure is as simple as any other sign up form – you’ll set up the button in no time. After that, you can post your shortcode anywhere on your site, even in the posts.

How do I use my PayPal “Buy Now” button?

You set up the plugin and you want to know how it will function, right? This one is also simple: a customer wants to buy an item from you and he clicks the button to make a purchase. Right after that, you’ll be able to realise your customer’s purchase, so it’s really fast and easy.

Is there only one type of the button?

No, you can choose the plugin that suits your business the most. Some of them are appropriate if you want to add shopping carts to your site and some of them are well-suited for donations:


  • WordPress simple PayPal shopping cart – This plugin is good if you want to offer your customers to create their own shopping carts on your site. Thanks to the shortcode, you’ll be able to insert “add to cart” link on every page or post, and it is a nice professional contribution to your e-commerce site;


  • Quick PayPal payments – Advantages of this plugin are numerous, but one of them is that you can add multiple options, such as shipping options or coupon codes. You can also customize your button, which is a really important feature for some people;

PayPal Donations – As the name says, this plugin is for donations only. You can choose the purpose, currency and title about the nature of the donation.