Operated by Opinodo ApS, Shoppanel is a survey aggregator website that connects everyday consumers with market researchers. By doing so, Shoppanel makes an important role in helping brands build better products while giving the community an easy way of making money online and shaping the consumer world at the same time.

Excellence through experience

ShopPanel may not be the biggest of our brands, but it has a special place in our hearts. Founded in 2014, ShopPanel is one of our oldest brands. ShopPanel was our playground for testing out new ideas. It was where we took our first steps down the road of market research surveys.

It is precisely this experience that has helped us learn how to design survey aggregator websites, build high-converting landing pages, and provide our users with the best experience.

Real rewards for honest opinions

ShopPanel offers real rewards in exchange for participation in surveys. The amount users will earn for completing surveys depends on the survey length. After reaching the payment threshold, users can decide whether they will receive their money in their PayPal account, get gift cards or donate the entire amount.

Joining ShopPanel is free. After the registration process, new users will start to receive survey invitations whenever there is an available survey that is relevant to them. Users are being matched with surveys based on information they have provided through their profiles. Completed profiles (the ones that are filled out entirely) have a higher chance of getting matched with a survey and can earn more from their answers.

Reaching high

ShopPanel just recently got a complete makeover. We went for a layout that is both modern and colorful to attract the users’ attention. So, what are the plans for the future? We plan to reach more people across the world and establish a global community of everyday consumers who want to make their voices heard and earn money while doing so.