After gaining years of experience in the market research industry, we decided that it was time to introduce a new and improved online survey aggreggator – Survimo.

Survimo collects opinions from everyday consumers about different brands and, in exchange, provides payment for participation. To put it simply, Survimo offers an easy way for companies to get feedback on their products as well as help consumers earn money online in their spare time.

Focus on a user-friendly layout

When we were creating Survimo, the main focus was on creating a user-friendly website with good conversion rates. To do so, we knew we needed to have straightforward and easy-to-follow navigation as we knew that would be beneficial for the overall user experience.

The decision was to go with a minimalistic design of a website that would not only look good but will also contain all the crucial information about the Survimo brand and online surveys.

Easily navigable pages combined with informative content quickly resulted in increased conversion rates.

Streamlined experience

Needless to say, behind Survimo stands the international exchange for market research Opinodo ApS – a company with years of experience in building a global network of survey panels. Being a part of the market research industry this long has helped us with analyzing the survey experience and looking for ways on how to improve it.

To do so, we partnered with some of the biggest market research companies so that we can offer our users quality surveys relevant to their profiles. In addition, our users get email invitations whenever we find surveys for them so that they don’t have to look for surveys themselves.

Surveys for better market insight

Survimo connects everyday consumers with market researchers. Survimo users are invited to answer questions about various brands and their products. These types of surveys are crucial for market research, as they provide a better understanding of the potential market and target audience.

Through surveys, big and small brands get detailed feedback directly from people who have tried their products and/or services or heard about them. So, it’s a common misconception that only new businesses need to conduct surveys in order to come up with an effective business plan. Market research surveys are essential both for new and for existing businesses that are looking for ways to improve and grow.