To be competitive in an entrepreneurial business you have to keep up with current events, learn new skills and always be informed about your business and competition. To help you along the way, you have your best friend – the Internet. Here are top 5 blogs and sites you should read if you own an online business:

#1 LinkedIn Today

We all know that LinkedIn is an amazing business Social Network, and this blog shows how cool and professional LinkedIn is. You can read a lot of articles, and they are published and updated on everyday basis.

You can search articles from newest to oldest, only the most popular or you can view all categories in alphabetical order. Of course, you can subscribe to their newsletter and be informed via email about the new articles. The amazing thing about this blog is that LinkedIn has the information about your preferences and connections, so you’ll be able to read articles you really like.

#2 Quora

If you haven’t heard about Quora so far, get acquainted now (and thank us later). This is a website where any registered member can ask questions or give answers – Q&A blog. Many experts from different fields take their time to answer good and interesting questions in order to spur a discussion. That’s where you will find different perspectives and huge experience.

So, if you have any question about online business and any part of it, there’s a big possibility that somebody asked that question already. When you the wanted question, you can follow it in order to be notified every time there’s a new answer. If not, feel free to ask questions yourself, you’ll surely receive some useful answers.

#3 Forbes

We had to mention the amazing and extremely popular Forbes. Here you won’t be able to find many articles helpful for your business, but if you like being informed about economy and business news worldwide, this is the place to be!

You can also choose between different categories in order to easily find the articles you’re interested in.

#4 Penelope Trunk’s blog

Successful women in business are rare, that’s why we have to mention this one in our Top 5. Penelope Trunk is a founder of four different startups, with a lot of business experience and amazing life story. This blog might not give you all information needed, but it combines her personal story with business and life experience. It’s extremely motivational and can help you breed new ideas.

If you’re interested only in her business advices, you can open “Careers” category, where you can read blog posts and articles on how to get a job, entrepreneurship or tips on blogging.

#5 Copyblogger

If your online business depends on quality content marketing and good writing skills, this might be the blog you should read. Really useful and informational articles is something you’ll find on this website and you can even join their training program on content marketing.

The amazing fact is that there’s so many blog posts (500+ pages), so you can definitely find what you need and there’s no doubt that you’ll learn something new. This blog is surely something you should bookmark and read whenever you have the time – you’ll be surprised with the amount of new things you’ll learn.