We believe that you’re doing your best with your growing email list and increasing newsletter subscribers. We also believe that, the more you’re working on it, the more you want to know different ways for collecting new email addresses. Beside Social media, your own blog, website and offline communication you can collect emails on other sites or blogs. Here are 2 ways to get newsletter subscribers on other websites:

#1 Using influencers

Who are influencers? We can define them as individuals/groups who are credible online/offline and many people trust them: they are influencing our opinions.

Why are they valuable? Because people trust trustworthy individuals who spread the word about a good product/service more than they trust websites, promotional material and similar.

How to know what’s good for my business? First of all, it’s important to know that not every influencer is a good one for your business. We believe that your first idea is “the more followers the person has, the better for me” – but, it’s not like that. You won’t have as much benefits as you would want if you choose an influencer who has nothing in common with your niche. It’s not about number of followers, it’s about how many of them will like what you’re offering. So, it’s good to find an influencer who has similar interests as you.

Okay, but how to find them? In two ways: first is to search the Internet or to use one of the websites for finding influencers. Influencers are usually popular bloggers/You Tubers, so it won’t be hard finding them. For example, if your business is about selling clothes, you’ll search for popular fashion bloggers. Then, pick a few of them and start communicating – before you ask for collaboration, you need to communicate. If they like you, ask them to share your newsletter/website on their blog.

#2 Guest blogging

What is guest blogging? As the title says, it’s a process where one person (usually a blogger) types text for other person’s blog.

Why is it valuable? Because you get the chance to increase visibility, traffic and grow your email list. If your text appears on somebody else’s blog (especially if the text is good), it’s an amazing opportunity for self-promotion.

How to be a guest blogger? Again, the first thing we need to mention is to search only for blogs similar to your niche (you might be bored with this sentence, but it’s really important). Use search engines – usually it will be enough to type “your niche accepting guest post”. For example, if your blog is about car industry, type “car industry accepting guest post”. Also, you can find a Social network for guest bloggers, so it will make the job even easier. And the third way is to be a guest blogger on your friend’s blog. Or you can become acquainted with some bloggers who write similar posts as you, and you can do guest blogging for each other.