A white label panel on your own domain puts you in total control of your Opinodo business. In this article you will learn how to do it and we are going to run through the advantages/disadvantages vs a non-white label panel.


For many publishers, the brand means a lot. At Opinodo we recognize this with our white label panel product of the Opinodo system.

First of all, lets’s run through the first question that come to mind when speaking about white labels:

What is a white label business?

Basically, a white label – for any online business – is a model where the online product is “packaged” in the look and feel of your brand all the way from:

  • URL ( for instance http://your-domain.com)
  • Logo, colors and design
  • Content (such as content on landing pages and transactional emails)

In a white label only important areas such as sign up forms, members area and the technology behind is run by the company offering the white label product.

White label Opinodo panel vs non-white label Opinodo panel

When a panelist sign up, you will for both solutions see your signups. Complete interviews conducted and earnings inside the Opinodo Publisher dashboard when logged into your Opinodo Publisher account. A completed interview is just as much worth from a white label panel as from a non-white label panel.

However, there are some aspects where an Opinodo White Label panel offer business options that non-white label panels don’t offer:

  • Since you control all the content on the white label panel, you can brand your panel name as your own on social media, search engines and on your own media outlets 100 % as you wish as long as you are within the quality guidelines set in the Publisher Agreement contract.
  • If your panelists promote your panel, you are sure that all panelists are your property. This is not true if you are on a general non-white label and signups don’t use your unique link.

Who is the white label solution right for?

In general the white label solution is only right for publishers that either have proven a substantial effort and effectiveness recruiting panelists to a non-white label panel. The current threshold for when we want to create a white label panel is 100 active panelists recruited on a non-white label basis through the unique publisher url. This is, for most publishers, a very obtainable target that should be reached fast.

In some cases we will divert from this rule if the publisher can agree to a marketing plan that will deliver the results justifying the work we will need to do on our side setting up the white label and teaching the publisher the basics on how to get the most out of the white label on an ongoing basis.

The process of setting up an Opinodo white label panel

If you have reached the threshold of 100 active panelists, you can contact support@opionodo.com with your application to get a white label panel.

The application should have the following information:

  • URL where the white label panel should be placed (like http://your-brand.com/panel as integrated with your main brand – or on it’s own url like http://your-brand.com). The white label site will be hosted on our servers, so you need to have the ability to change DNS settings to point your domain or folder to our server.
  • Country of the panel (what country you want to primarily recruit in).
  • Logo – we can get this at a later stage, but we would like to ask you to have this ready for when we need it.

The process is then as follows:

  1. We will set up your white label panel inside our system and notify our partners about the new panel brand. This process can normally be done within one day on work days. When ready, your panel will be visible within your Publisher backend of Opinodo.
  2. We will adjust transactional emails to match your brand. Our on-boarding team will match the colors to the hex colors of your brand. If we havn’t got your logo, we would ask for it now.
  3. We now setup the panel with basic pages such as signup page, login page for panelists, terms of service and privacy policy pages, FAQ and payment info pages etc. This is all our standard content, and you have full access to adjust this content to your needs. We setup the panel in WordPress, a really easy platform for you to customize your content in. Opinodo has developed a WordPress plugin that makes it really easy for WordPress to “talk” to the Opinodo system. WordPress is the most commonly used content management system in the world and there are an abundance of ressources where you can learn how to use it.
  4. We deliver the site to you. We offer a meeting for you to learn about the system and how you can adjust the colors, look and feel etc.

If you have any questions regarding launching your white label panel powered by Opinodo, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are really here to help you succeed!