How YouTube cards and annotations help you gather more email leads

Do you have any idea how many users YouTube has? The answer is over a billion. Actually, it’s the biggest search engine after Google. So, maybe it’s time to start thinking that YouTube can help you collecting email leads. Here are 2 ways how YouTube can be used in order to improve your business and gather more email leads:

#1 Using YouTube cards

Start thinking about Video Marketing as your friend – it can help a lot. Why are YouTube cards useful? You have the possibility to highlight important information, add CTA, pictures, URL to other videos or playlists… There are a few different card types but we’ll mention only the ones useful for improving online businesses:

  1. Promoting merchandise and products
  2. Fundraisings you created
  3. Link to your website/page from your website

It’s clear that YouTube cards can improve traffic on your website/blog, lead viewers to your landing page or newsletter sign up page. A great opportunity for all of you who are using YouTube benefits as part of your business.

Setting up these cards is easy: find the video you want to edit (by edit we mean to add new card) in Video Manager, click Cards and Add new card. It’ s really intuitive and simple, so you won’t need much time to realise how it’s done. You’ll need more time to figure out what will you insert in your YouTube card, considering that is the most important part of it.

Generally, YouTube cards are really useful when you want to pop out and do something different. It’s extremely important to use the cards correctly and the goal is to add some value to your existing videos. Don’t overdo it, be subtle and effective and you’ll see the results.

#2 Using YouTube annotations

YouTube annotations are actually the forerunner of the YouTube cards. The difference between them is that in the annotations you can only add texts (with links) and background. They are smaller and more simple boxes than the cards. Annotations can appear as a box, bubble, note, spotlight and a title. As you can tell they are small and flexible, which makes them less irritating that the cards.

We believe that you’re wondering what to use – cards or annotations. YouTube cards have the advantage when it comes to mobile devices (they are customised for mobile use) and they obviously offer you more different ways for usage. Cards were introduced in order to completely replace annotations, but people keep on using them. Annotations are still popular, maybe because they have bigger CTR, and that’s important for all users.


To conclude, both tools are useful – you shouldn’t use only one and reject the other. Make a strategy, and based on it use annotations or cards when appropriate.

Katarina Jerinic
Katarina likes to write useful and interesting stories for Opinodo and our brands. She’s a journalist by vocation and deeply interested in marketing and public relations, studying MSc in Marketing and PR. On Opinodo blog, she shares different insights, tips and tricks for website monetization through our platform.